2013 OGS Conference / Cincinnati, OH

2013 OGS Conference / Cincinnati, OH
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* Cincinnati Session:


2013 Ohio Genealogy Society Conference
"Expanding Your Ancestry Through Technology"
Millennium Hotel
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 25-27, 2013

OGS 2013 speaker list


11:00 AM T01 Jones_Tom Strategies for Finding "Unfindable" Ancestors
2:00 PM T03 Macentee Building a Research Toolbox
2:00 PM T04 Galvin Organizing Your Files: Making Your Computer Work For You
2:00 PM T06 Southard Expanding the concept of family history and relationships through DNA
2:00 PM T07 Bittner Proving Immigrant Identities: Once in Europe, Then What?
3:30 PM T09 Morgan_Brent Using Fold3 in Your Research - 100 Million Images & Counting
3:30 PM T10 Middleton Genealogy Specific Mobile Apps
3:30 PM T11 Alzo Self-Publishing for the Genealogist: Tips, Tricks & Tools
3:30 PM T12 Powell_Elissa Reasons & Tips for Becoming a Board-certified Genealogist
3:30 PM T14 Thode German Newspapers
3:30 PM T15 Schroeder Catholic Church Records and Genealogy Research
5:00 PM T16 Heer Effectively Using Record Collections, Catalog Entries and Filters at FamilySearch.org
5:00 PM T18 Macentee Twitter - It's Not Just "What I Had for Breakfast" Anymore
5:00 PM T19 Darby Professional Development Brings Financial Rewards
5:00 PM T20 Galvin Your DNA Fingerprint: The Imprint of Your Ancestors
5:00 PM T22 Little Documents and Books on the Web
8:00 AM F01 Leclerc Reading Old Documents
8:00 AM F02 Middleton Facebook for Genealogy
8:00 AM F03 Salamon & Latta Unearthing Your Roots with Ohio's Newspapers on Chronicling America
8:00 AM F04 Biedler Zigzagging Through German Church Records
8:00 AM F05 Jackson Civil War Research
8:00 AM F06 Henderson First Steps in Indiana Research
8:00 AM F07 Abbott Using Land Records in Slave Research
9:30 AM F08 Powell_Elissa Show Me the Carfax: Purpose of Documentation
9:30 AM F09 Alzo A Dozen Ways to Use Your Ipad for Genealogy and Writing
9:30 AM F10 MacEntee Pinning Your Family History
9:30 AM F11 Lacopo Locating and Using German Church Records
9:30 AM F12 Lauritzen The War of 1812: America's "Forgotten" War
9:30 AM F13 Dudek What's the Buzz About BillionGraves?
9:30 AM F14 Lowe Using State Court Records to Locate Slaves and Slaveholders
11:00 AM F15 Jones_Tom Organizing Evidence to Overcome Record Shortages
11:00 AM F16 Jackson Using MS Excel for Genealogy
11:00 AM F17 Morton Publish & Place Your Family Book or Article
11:00 AM F18 Bittner German Territories and Maps - You Can't Do Research Without Them
11:00 AM F19 Morgan_Brent Revolutionary War Research: An Internet Approach
11:00 AM F21 Abbott African American Genealogy Research: From Slavery to Freedom
1:30 PM F23 Little Identifying Women: The Ultimate Brick Wall
1:30 PM F24 Dudek Notes from a Small Island - Discovering Records on FindMyPast.uk
1:30 PM F25 Buzbee Publishing a Complete Family History with RootsMagic
1:30 PM F26 Beidler German for Genealogists
1:30 PM F27 Strauss Over the Top: Researching Your World War I Ancestor
1:30 PM F28 Priest Cemetery Research in Ohio
1:30 PM F29 Sellers Using Online Historical Black Newspapers for Genealogical Research
3:00 PM F30 Southard The journey through autosomal DNA
3:00 PM F31 Leclerc Resources of the National Archives [UK]
3:00 PM F34 Lowe Finding Rejected Claims and Pension Requests
3:00 PM F35 Powell_Elissa Finding Buried Treasures in the Pennsylvania Archives
3:00 PM F36 Abbott Using Manuscripts in African American Research
4:30 PM F39 MacEntee Got Photos? Digitizing and Creating Keepsakes Using Family Photos
4:30 PM F41 Strauss Old Soldiers Never Die: Researching Your World War II Ancestors
4:30 PM F42 Rzepczynski Michigan Online: Family History Tools for the Great Lakes State
8:00 AM S01 Jones_Tom Genealogical Documentation: The What, Why, Where & How
8:00 AM S02 Bell Family Search - Pulling it All Together
8:00 AM S03 Doherty My Irish Ancestor Came From "Ballywhatchamacallit" - Now What?
8:00 AM S04 Dudek Peeling Back the Plaid - Revealing the Records of Scotland's People
8:00 AM S05 Powell_Elissa Sailing into the Sunset: Tips for Finding Your Ancestors on Passenger Lists
8:00 AM S07 Epperson Who Lived Here?  How to Do A House Genealogy
9:30 AM S09 Morgan_Brent Using NEHGS Database - A Must for Anyone with New England Roots
9:30 AM S10 Brophy Paddy on the Net: Irish Genealogy Databases
9:30 AM S11 Fonkert Wooden Shoe Genealogy: Finding Dutch and Frisian Ancestral Roots
9:30 AM S12 Lacopo Deconstructing Your Family Tree: Re-Evaluating the Evidence
9:30 AM S14 Plummer The Ohio Historical Society as a Repository of Genealogical Records
1:30 PM S16 Jones_Tom Planning and Executing Efficient and Effective Research: A Case Study
1:30 PM S18 Doherty Navigating Ireland's High C's - Civil Registration and Census
1:30 PM S19 Alzo Online Resources for Eastern European Research
1:30 PM S20 Fonkert A Reasonably Exhaustive 3-D Search: Four Fawkner Wives
1:30 PM S22 Well Accessing Land Records Online
3:00 PM S23 Bittner Documents to Narrative: Writing to Engage your Reader
3:00 PM S24 Brophy Snag-It for Genealogists
3:00 PM S25 Dudek Piecing Together Your Irish Ancestry - Discovering Records on FindMyPast.ie
3:00 PM S26 Beidler What's A Palatine Anyways
3:00 PM S27 Little Using all the Census Data: Agricultural, Manufacturing, Population, Slave, Social
3:00 PM S29 Rieder Land Office Records in Ohio: A Researcher's Guide
4:30 PM S30 Strauss Revolutionary War Research: A Textual Overview
4:30 PM S31 Reed Introduction to Family History Blogging
4:30 PM S32 Doherty Mining Genealogical Nuggets in Ireland's Estate Papers and Deeds
4:30 PM S33 Thode Cashdollar, Blackwelder, Pennypacker: Tracing Surnames Back to the German Form
4:30 PM S34 Lauritzen Up in Smoke! What to Do When the Courthouse Burns
4:30 PM S35 Carney, Birkhimer & Sager Explore Ohio's History Online: Digital Resources in Ohio Memory
4:30 PM S36 Well Deeds: An insider's View